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Self Balancing Scooter Repair Shop - We Fix Broken Smart Balance Wheels

Need a self balancing scooter repair shop? You’ve found the right place. We specialize in all self balancing scooter repairs, and are based in Las Vegas, NV USA to professionally fix all hoverboard brands, including the common smart balance wheel, in our real self balancing scooter repair shop.

Call Now: 1 (888) HOVER-11 ext #2 (We are LOCAL in Las Vegas!)

Self Balancing Scooter Repair Shop

Las Vegas Self Balancing Scooter Repair Shop Services

So your smart balance wheel is not working, or you have a broken self balancing scooter and don’t know how or where to go to fix it. Do any of these problem sound like yours?

All of this can easily repaired by our professional service technicians. We fix all self balancing scooters no matter the problem!

For additional repair questions call us now: (888) HOVER-11 ext #2


Self Balancing Scooter Repair - Common Electrical Problems

Self Balancing Scooter Repairs - Common Body & Hardware Problems

Safe Self Balancing Scooter Batteries - Samsung & LG

Our Las Vegas self balancing scooter repair shop has completed an extensive battery test for all our Samsung and LG batteries, they all received a PASS on all safety standards, the batteries meet all MSDS and UL safety standards for your own use and are safe for shipping too.

The proper way is to make sure you use quality cells in the pack and that they have the proper safety circuitry to prevent overcharging! Our new batteries for self balancing scooter all come with LG or Samsung battery cells and have the proper overcharging safety mechanisms in place that will help you sleep at night!

Not in Las Vegas or You’re From Out of State?

All you need to do to have your self balancing scooter repaired from out of state is go to the following website and place an order for your smart balance wheel repair. Once you've placed the order, print out the receipt, include it in the box, and send the self balancing scooter off to the address at the bottom of the website.

You may also include a brief description of the issue to better assist us in repairing your self balancing scooter.

Out of State Shipping

Once you receive a quote from us and make payment online, we will give you an order number via email. Just ship your self balancing scooter to the location given to you and include the following on a slip inside of the smart balance wheel box:

As always, we recommend adding the shipping insurance to your purchase so you’re covered if anything happens to the self balancing scooter during shipping!

Also, no matter what is wrong with the smart balance wheel, if we are unable to repair it there will be no charge. Just pay for return shipping!

You Can Also Do the Self Balancing Scooter Repair Yourself

We sell our high quality self balancing scooter parts in our online store as well. You should always buy parts from a reputable company like DriftScooters so you know you’re not receiving anything that would be considered DOA (dead on arrival).

Is the safety of your friends, family, children, and pets really worth the small amount of money you save with the cheaper options out there? We don’t think so!

DriftScooters LV Self Balancing Scooter Repair
3867 S Valley View Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Suite #5 (Across from Wrap City)

Call Now: 1 (888) HOVER-11 extension #2 (Repair Department)