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Limited Warranty

Drift Scooters purchases are covered under a limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Defects outside of this warranty period are subject to diagnosis fees, repair fees, and parts costs. The following terms apply to the product categories of products which Drift Scooters sells:

Warranty Procedure

Upon claim of a defective product, customer must provide photos and videos showing the defect(s) of the product. Drift Scooters representative will diagnose the issue and make a determination on how to proceed.

Customer is responsible for all associated shipping fees unless otherwise determined by Drift Scooters.

Common Defects

Some defects are more common than others and as such, repairs to these common defects are easily mitigated. The cost and time associated with returns, repairs, and exchanges can be dramatically reduced by the cooperation of the customer under the circumstances of certain defects. Talk to your warranty representative about your options.