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Hoverboarding is the newest way to travel. But if you are not an experienced hoverboard user, or you are afraid of getting hurt while learning how to use the hoverboard, then a hoverboard handlebar can help you find the confidence you need while you become comfortable with hoverboards.

A handlebar for a hoverboard is an external attachment that you can clip on to the board. The attachment then becomes support you can lean on while operating the hoverboard. DriftScooter's hoverboard handlebar comes with a telescoping handle. This handle grants greater stability while operating the hoverboard.

If you, or anyone you know, wants to use a hoverboard but is afraid of falling or getting hurt, then a handlebar is exactly what you need to be able to put your fears aside and step into the world of hoverboarding with confidence.

What You Get:

A handlebar for a hoverboard does not come with the original product but is an attachment you can buy and attach to the original product to change your experience of using it.

  • A handlebar provides for greater versatility in who can use a hoverboard. Attaching a device that is used as a way to find support on the hoverboard opens doors for more people to try out the experience, irrespective of their age and previous experience.
  • Increased stability as well as improved balance on the part of the user.
  • The telescoping handle ensures that users can better navigate where they want to go, and that the addition of the handle bar improves the overall navigational capability of the hoverboard.

Using a Handlebar for Hoverboards:

DriftScooter's handlebar for hoverboards comes with a rounded bottom. This bottom area is what clips on to the center of various hoverboards, and makes it possible for the handle bar to be attached to the hoverboard.

These handlebars can be attached to almost all kinds of hoverboard's, except those that have a square-shaped bottom. The reason behind this is that attaching the round-bottomed handlebar to a square shape does not create a stable and secure foundation that attaching this handlebar to other kinds of hoverboards create.

For the best user experience when it comes to these handle bars, you should have a hoverboard that has either a classic or a rounded center where you can attach the handle bar.