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Treat yourself to the coolest toy on the market right now!


Why you need to get a self-balancing scooter!


In the leadup to Christmas, there is one gadget that seems to be on everybody’s mind is the Drift Scooter. The self-balancing scooter has been rising in popularity quickly over the last year as the latest gadget that seems to combine elements of a hoverboard and a Segway.

 You can’t say that you are too cool for school. Anybody who is anybody is jumping on this electrical gadget bandwagon. Celebrities, YouTube stars and sports athletes have all been spotted riding around on the latest trendy gadgets. It’s a device that has made walking seem ‘old fashioned’.

 Wired did a feature story covering the ‘Weird origins of the world’s most viral scooter’. It has brought a fun and futuristic activity at an affordable price to the masses. Part of the fun is the learning curve that people have to go through to get a hang of the device. It’s a bit like people learning to ride a bike for the first time. They hop on, they try to balance and they fall. They get a bump here or there, but they persist until they can master it. Once people get the hang of it, that is where the fun begins. When cruising along smooth surfaces at top speed, it can feel like you are flying.


It gives you the ‘Need for Speed’ feeling.

These bad boys can reach a top speed of 6.5 miles per hour. (This is about 10 kilometres per hour) While it isn’t lightning pace, it does feel faster than it sounds.


Expect to get a few knocks while you are riding the device. Thankfully, they have made the device pretty durable. People that use the device who have had knocks tend to say they come off worse from the knocks than the drift scooters themselves.


It isn’t designed to be used with off-roading.

This gadget is definitely one that you would want to use outdoors, however it does have its limitations. The product is primarily designed to be used on smooth surfaces. If you decide to try riding it on brick pathways or gravel, it won’t offer a nice riding experience. Additionally, if you are riding and you want to mount a step or the kerbside, you will need to mount the kerb with your feet, as this is a limitation with the device. When the device is used on smooth surfaces indoors, it offers a much more comfortable ride.


You should expect to fall. The falls can be dangerous, so you will need to ride the device at your own risk. Do your best to avoid falling on your tailbone and hitting your head.

The Drift Scooter is fun!

The drift scooters have been a source of entertainment among friends and on social media with recording of people attempting to master the device. It offers people a challenge, but it is an achievable challenge. Some people succeed and others fail. You can see a compilation of videos below.


rick ross on a hoverboard drift scooter

Kendal Jenner


Chris Brown


Celebrity compilation


It looks like it is from the future.

There are many designs of the self balancing scooter that are starting to look very cool with the LED lights, plastic contours and wheel designs. It isn’t quite the hoverboard that we have been looking forward to from ‘Back to the future 2, but it is the closest thing to it.



Too keep safe on the drift boards, keep the following in mind.

Do not ride the device while under the influence of alcohol.

Do not ride the device if you are pregnant.

Do not ride the device while under the influence of drugs. (And you shouldn’t be doing drugs!)

Do not swerve quickly while driving fast.

Be aware and considerate of the people around you.

These devices have been causing a stir!

In an article that was published in Gizmodo, the creators of the Segway have been feeling the pinch from the new gadget buzz and feel that it infringes their patent design. Other inventors of the drift scooter had filed their own patent that should protect any threats of the product being revoked from the market. This means that there should be many more Drift Scooter designs to come that will look slicker and hopefully be even more trendy and fun to ride.

 The Drift Scooter is the coolest item you should add to your collection in 2015. They will see you rollin’, some may even be hatin’. But you will be the one with the last laugh. Take a look at the options such as the Daily Drifter, City Drifter or the Speed Drifter today.

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Oct 12, 2015 • Posted by Quentin Baker

Man I really want one of these boards they are so awesome and if I got one would I have to pay anything

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