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Why Drift Scooters Are Taking Over The World

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It’s not every so often that something is created that is so cool it blows your mind. In the 1980’s, we had Michael Jackson introduce us to the moonwalk where it looked like you were gliding on the ground. During the same era, we were introduced to the hoverboards from Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox gliding away from villains in the future. Even movies like Blade Runner captured the human imagination for what the future could behold. In the 1990’s, we saw forward thinking concepts from The Matrix such as bullet time. The world was making advancements as much as they would with technology, but it was limited. But with every new technology trend or tool that is developed, there is a new wave of coolness that comes along with it. Fast forward to the current era and we have our own version of a gliding tool that is very hot and very cool to anybody who comes across its path. It’s light, sturdy, strong and flashy. It’s the technology that we have been waiting for. It is the Drift Scooter.

The drift scooter is set to become the personal mobility device of the future. With its sleek and futuristic design, it is the coolest thing on two wheels to own and travel with. Originally patented from Chinese innovators, the device has been widely distributed globally following a rise in demand for the machines.

Who are the people that are using these devices?

The drift scooters have taken the world by storm and celebrities have led the way in the purchase of the device. One of the first celebrities to share their use of the device was Kendall Jenner, famous from the television show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ In the video below, you can see her successfully navigating through her home on one of the first versions of the self-balancing scooter inside her home.



Here you can see music pop star Chris Brown constantly uploads videos onto his Vine account that shows him on his self-balancing scooter. You will easily find him cruising around or dancing on the device. You can see more in the video below.


Even music superstar Justin Bieber was one of the primary celebrities to purchase one of the devices and was quick to upload footage of him and his friends on Instagram that were using to have fun inside his home and whilst out and about. You can see some of his videos below.


Caution is needed with these devices, as many people tend to fall. This has been a part of the ‘fun factor’ when people are trying to master the device. People succeed, but it is like riding a bike. Get some falls. Pick yourself up and do it again until you get it right. Take a look at the video below.


Some are successful. Some aren’t

It is interesting to see how people are using the device.

It is essentially a transportation device to get you from point A to point B, but people are becoming more creative when it comes to how they are actually using the devices in their lives. You can see some interesting ways in the videos below.

How to pick up girls using a hoverboard.

People have started to use them in dance choreographies

If you want to make a big impression that will make you stand out from the crowd in a positive way, then the drift scooter is the must have gadget that you invest in. It is by far the hottest gadget on the market right now. It’s early originations from China crossed the seas and has become so popular in Los Angeles. It is the rage among teenagers and it is bringing out the inner child in adults both young and old. Jump on the bandwagon and invest in a drift scooter today!

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