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Hoverboard Battery Replacement

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Hoverboard Battery Replacement
Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement Hoverboard Battery Replacement

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New Lithium Batteries Bring Self Balancing Scooters Back to Life

Hoverboard batteries have various lifespans with the averagde being about 12-18 months. The higher the quality 36v battery you have in your hoverboard, the better it will perform.

We carry various models of 36v hoverboard batteries that act as a direct replacement to most hoverboards. Finding which one fits your application is fairly straightforward as well. Simply put, if your battery looks like the ones pictured here on our page, it will fit.

Note: Lithium-ion batteries are only allowed to ship within the USA and Canada!

Self Balancing Scooter Battery Models

There are various hoverboard battery models, all of which are approximately the same size (aside from the obvious specialty batteries listed). The core differences between them are:

  1. Brand of Battery Cells Used Inside
  2. How The Battery Is Built

Hoverboard Battery Brands

Regarding battery brands, the selection between them is as follows:

  • Basic Battery Cells
  • LG Battery Cells
  • Samsung Battery Cells

The difference between the brand of battery cells is mainly the technology that they use to build them. The basic battery cells are our cheapest, and otheur Samsung battery cells use Samsung backed technology allowing them to propel your hoverboard up steeper inclines, and are more reliable over time. Reports have indicated that basic battery cells will get you about 300 charges on average, while Samsung battery cells will get you 600 charges on average.

Upgraded Batteries

In 2015, hoverboard battery manufacturers were selling batteries without care for any sort of testing or certification. While most worked just fine, some were subject to catastrophes such as battery explosions and fires. These days there are safer options available. Upgraded batteries can be more expensive, but several safety upgrades were made including:

  • Improved thermal sensor on the battery management system circuit board.
  • Thick plastic casing, protecting the battery more from drop damage and flames if they should occur.
  • Tight shrink wrap protecting and joining the positive and negative battery cables leading to the yellow banana clip plug at the end.

Extra White Wire in Self Balancing Scooter Battery

If you have an extra white wire on your battery and aren't able to find a direct replacement, then our batteries have been known to work as replacements for these as well, without the white wire needing to be plugged in. We must legally warn you however that, even though we've never had a report of this wire causing problems, it may not be safe.

General 36v Hoverboard Battery Safety

Most hoverboards are safe unless yours has a cheap, nameless Chinese battery installed, especially those from certain factories. We've made sure to build relationships with battery factories that have excellent reputations in the battery industry.

Battery Warranty

Our batteries are covered by a warranty and should last you a long time as long as you take care of it. If you have any problems with your hoverboard battery whatsoever, please simply contact us and we'll make sure to do our best to take care of you.

Battery Recycling Program

Not sure what to do with your old hoverboard battery? Why not recycle it? When ordering a new hoverboard battery, feel free to call, email, or use live chat and ask the associate to send you a label to send your old battery to us for recycling. 

Self Balancing Scooter Battery Compatibility

Our batteries are certain to work as replacements for the following models:

  • HPK-07 (E482809)
  • GB/T 18287 2000
  • Yanang YY/10S2P/18650/2.2A
  • Jiangxi First New Energy Model XCY10S2P (Cells: FST18650BE-2000mAh)
  • HY-BSE-1002US (10INCMR 19/66-2)
  • HY-BSE-1002U
  • Elitop HY102SP
  • Swagtron SentryShield for T3 (GP-S91-466590-010L)

Incompatible Self Balancing Scooters

Our batteries will not work for these hoverboards:

  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0
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wrong item

I have not been able to use the item. This is my 3rd time notifying the company that I received the wrong item and know I ordered the correct item online. I sent my first dissatisfaction to support and this is the second review. I would be grateful if the company would contact me to try to make this right. The battery I was sent will not fit into the hoverboard so it does me no good.