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Hoverboard Repair Kit (Black Circuits)


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If your hoverboard looks like it needs repairing, then you can fix it yourself with a hoverboard repair kit like this one. This repair kit consists of:

  • 1 black hoverboard motherboard
  • 2 black hoverboard gyroscopes
  • 1 black hoverboard Bluetooth module
  • 1 Bluetooth speaker
  • 1 Bluetooth connecting cable
  • 1 charging port
  • 1 power button
  • 2 LED headlights
  • 2 LED indicator lights

Meant for those who enjoy DIY's, as well as those who do not have the option of visiting a repair service nearby for their hoverboards, this black hoverboard repair kit is the perfect solution to a broken hoverboard. Not only will it repair your hoverboard, but it will also save you from sending your budget overboard when it needs repairs.

The hoverboard repair kit consists of all the components you can need to fix and recalibrate your hoverboard. It comes with auto-balancing features, so you only have to focus on following the instructions to repair your hoverboard. This hoverboard repair kit is also Bluetooth enabled, ensuring that you can link a device such as iOS iPhone, Android, or another device to your hoverboard to play music after the repair process.

A hoverboard can become faulty for any number of reasons, but unless the board is severely damaged, it can be fixed right at home for a fraction of the cost it would take to fix the hoverboard from a licensed professional.

If you have a hoverboard that needs repair, then a hoverboard repair kit is all you need to repair your device before you head back out on the roads.

  • A do it yourself approach that provides resources and information you can use to repair your hoverboard without professional help.
  • A cheaper alternative to professional repair, especially once you learn the ropes of hoverboard repair using the repair kit.
  • A flexible option for hoverboard repair that provides anyone with access to basic repair parts.
  • Bluetooth enabled for ease of connectivity. Play music from any device, anywhere and at any time.


A hoverboard repair kit with black circuits is a must-have for anyone that owns a broken hoverboard and is on a budget. It allows you to calibrate and fix various minor issues that you can face, instead of having to take the hoverboard to a professional every time you want to change, fix or update your hoverboard.


However, there are some cons that you need to consider as well. You should not attempt to repair your hoverboard unless you are on board with the idea first. If you do not want to repair your board, or you would feel more comfortable if a professional looked at your hoverboard, then you can always opt for that.

Similarly, big repair jobs may also require that a professional take a look at your hoverboard. The black hoverboard repair kit is moderately difficult to install, and you will need to replace all of the parts for it to function best.