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Take a Monster for an Off-Road Ride

When's the last time you've thought of taking a monster for a ride? Well now you can, with the all new Monster Drifter. If you've ever see a Segway, then you know how they work. Well this little monster, is like that, but on a whole different level.

Easy to ride and turns with ease by simply swiveling the handlebar. Ride on and on for up to 42.5 miles on just one charge. Long distance off-road excursions aren't even a challenge. Nobody works harder than your monster!

Comes with everything you need for a great off-road ride: remote control to turn it on and off, pedometer to track mileage, a kickstand to set it away when not in use, massive knobbed wheels to grip onto loose dirt, and an adjustable handle.

Top Speed - 10mph 
Range Per Charge - 42.5 Miles 
Charge Time - 6-10 Hours 
Battery - Premium Samsung
Tire Size: 21.5 Inch All Terrain
Weight Limit - 350lbs (160kg)
Warranty - 90 Days
Shipping - Free to USA


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